Overboard productions


Overboard Productions has established itself in the boat cruise party scene since early 2000s. We collaborate with multiple boat charters that can cater to a range of guest capacities. So whether if it’s an intimate affair or an epic blast of a full house boat party, we’re here to deliver a great experience!


One of our larger boat parties namely “The Battle of the Boats” was when we incorporated the Lady Cutler and the Victoria Star. Halfway through the 4.5hr event, patrons would transfer from one vessel to the other to be able to enjoy our huge list of headlining acts. The larger cruises span across two levels, a VIP section and outdoor area. Our boat parties often include exclusive after party invitations with a party bus exclusively chartering you directly to the venue.


Although our boat cruise parties have taken a hiatus to focus on other ventures, we are now back and ready to go Overboard!